3rd Summer Festival in Riverview Park - 2 Days, 20k Attendance


This year (1936) also produced the 3rd and most successful summer festival, staged under the title of "Wiener Praterfest" and directed by Egmont Sonderling. The affair lasted two days, the 25th and 26th of July, and drew 20,000 people. Governor Henry Horner of Illinois delivered the welcoming address.

This summer festival was the first in a cycle of three affairs celebrating the 10th anniversary of the 'Germania Broadcast' The 2nd affair of the cycle was the Annual Radio Festival at the Steuben Club On October 24th, and the last and 3rd affair the New Year's Eve Celebration in the Logan Square Masonic Temple.

At all three affairs the famous German Bandmaster George Hessberger officiated and entertained with great success.