• Jack Dempsey at the Germania Broadcast Office (1929)
  • Max Bratt, right, star of the German language theater in America, sang major role in Lehar's 'Gypsy Love' presented by the Germania Broadcast at the Civic Opera House in 1934.
  • Popular Recording Artists and RKO Stars, Fichtyl Jodlers
  • Working with Bing Crosby during WWII (1943)
  • Representatives from German societies throughout Chicago and surrounding cities attended the annual summer festival in 1938.
  • Thomas Mann, World Famous Writer (1937) sailing with Bill - Europe to U.S.A.

Welcome to the Germania Broadcast!

In Honor of the 90th Anniversary of the Germania Broadcast...

The Germania Broadcast, founded by William L. Klein in 1927 was one of the earliest, longest running, and most popular foreign language radio programs in Chicago.  At its height it ran throughout the week with a two-hour show on Sundays.  It also featured special events in the Chicagoland area which attracted tens of thousands of participants.

This site is dedicated to the memory of both the broadcast and its founder, William L. Klein.  It has been put together thanks to the efforts of Mr. Klein's sons and daughter, Leo, Julius and Regina, their mother and Mr. Klein's wife, Marilyn L. Klein, as well as audio digitization help from Bob Wayne.

For more information and background, see the Introduction.


William L. Klein (1927)

"I am certain many listeners would like to know who was the founder of the Germania Broadcast and who has been capable of keeping a radio program on the air for 25 consecutive years, a record unequaled by any other Chicago radio program."  (Continue reading...)


William Klein : Germania Broadcast (1959)

Julius Klein : 1st Foreign Language Radio Show in USA (1952)


Letters from Eisenhower, Gov. Stevenson and Sen. Douglas

Letters of Congratulations (1952) from: