Charles Ticho

Photo of Charles
Charles Ticho's affiliation with the Germania Broadcast and United Broadcasting goes back to 1940 when, as a 14-year old, he had speaking parts on the German language radio programs when a juvenile's voice was needed.
Chales Ticho was engaged by United Broadcasting in July 1948 as a junior recording engineer and remained with the company till June 1952. He developed a particular skill in recording what was then known as "race records", music sessions of African-American musicians and bands. Chicago, particularly the South Side of Chicago, was a hot bed of black music and Ticho recorded some of the legends of this genre such as Muggsy Spanier, Sidney Bechet, Fats Waller and many others.
In 1950 he was also assigned to be the engineer and editor of the "Bob Elson on the 20th Century" program -- a program that consisted of Bob Elson interviewing celebrities before they boarded the famous streamliner that traveled between Chicago and New York City. To facilitate the production of this program, Ticho introduced and used an early version of a magnetic tape recorder. He became expert in editing this new medium and was called on to edit a great variety of recording programs and music sessions.