Hessberger Interview

Sep 21 1952
Original tape of interview

William L Klein and George Hessberger get together on the Germania Broadcast in 1952 to discuss their long relationship.  The conversation touches on everything from the early days of the Germania Broadcast in 1927 to Hessberger's widely acclaimed performance at the "Century of Progress" World's Fair in 1933.  Franz Gerstenberg, director of the Germania Broadcast introduces the two old friends and asks a question or two as well.

The interview finishes with the playing of Hessberger's "Dorfmusik" which as Gerstenberg explains was first brought to the United States by William L. Klein and later became the theme-song of Hessberger's own radio program.

Gen. Julius Klein Explains Origin of the Germania Broadcast

Oct 3 1952

General Julius Klein, brother to William L. Klein, describing in 1952 how 25 years earlier he had to travel to Washington D.C. and meet with Sec. of Commerce Herbert Hoover and Hoover aide, John [William] P. McCracken, in order to get permission to produce on radio the "first foreign language hour in America".  He also discusses the circumstances of the Germania Broadcast's first time on the air in 1927.

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