Germania Broadcast Celebrated its Eighth Anniversary


The eighth anniversary of the Germania Broadcast, celebrated yesterday afternoon with a concert and followed by a ball at the Marigold Garden, was an event of musical and social significance. Noted men and women artists who have been heard on the program since the Germania radio concerts were begun, participated in the anniversary program. Three conductors took turns at directing, which showed the adaptability of the audience and the capability of the maestros, for the value of the orchestral renditions were unimpaired. The performance of the finale from the second act of the operetta, "Die Fledermaus," was a mass performance by soloists and other participants and a musical treat that held the attention of the audience until the end. The length of the program bears witness to the skill with which the program was arranged. This was the work of the manager of the Germania Broadcast, William L. Klein.


Abendpost -- November 26, 1934

[Data Source: Newberry Library, Chicago]