Billboard Inside Track - Egmont Sonderling


Billboard (March 25, 1978): p170 - Late General News : Inside Track

Egmont Sonderling, founder/president of Sonderling Broadcasting, whose stock rose more than six points in a single day last week when Viacom firmed its token $25 per share offer, was originally a recording industry executive.  In 1946, Sonderling and a partner, Bill Klein, bought World Transcription studios, 301 E. Erie, on Chicago's Gold Coast from Decca Records.  They changed the name to United Film and Recording Studios.  United did a great deal of recording for many early independent labels, including Vitacoustic, which eventually hit rugged fiscal times.  To settle their delinquency with United, Vitacoustic executives turned over their r&b masters to United, which in turn formed Swingmaster label with then Chicago r&b DJ numero uno Al Benson.  Simultaneously about 1948 Sonderling also bought a pressing plant on Chicago's south lakeshore at 2600 S. Lakeshore, Master Records, where he operated 12 hydraulic 78 r.p.m. presses.  Sonderling swung his fortunes into radio in October 1950, when he purchased WOPA, Oak Park, Ill.  Sonderling, a pioneer in ethnic broadcasting, has 11 radio broadcasting entities, five of which are FM, cross country.  Five of the stations are considered "heavy" r&b impact outlets.


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